Friday, September 2, 2016

Comic Con how I love thee, let me count the ways.

Clearance item, Boba Fett bam boom into my collection.  I am not the biggest fan of these mashable characters but this one looks cool so I snagged it.

So glad that TRU added this wave of TMNT minimates because otherwise I would have to get them in blind bag which is lame.  Here you have Casey in a spacesuit, a Kraang, Salamdarian, and Bishop.

Then we have fun new versions of Leo and Donnie and then space suit versions of Raph and Mikey (already have the Space suit Leo and Donnie fyi)  I love that Donnie comes with a welders mask. They do a great job with the accessories. Leo came with some comic books of the different cartoons that they watch during the show!

This was the Civil War TRU exclusive pack (the rest of the wave I have on order at Lukes Toy Store.  Here you have Falcon and Antman. I love that Falcon comes with a little Redwing!

Here is the new Titans Return Headmaster Blaster. I love Blaster and Soundwave but they haven't made a lot of cool Blaster stuff so I had to snag this one.  I love his boom box version too (see below)  He is a bit hollow and light which is a bummer I wish he had more weight but he looks really great.

Now that we have Amazon Prime and I was ordering something else I figures I would snag this set on clearance because I wanted Maestro and Joe Fixit versions of the Hulk. This is the Hulk Through the Ages set.  I love the accessory that Maestro comes with the Iron Man Helmet, Cap Shield, and Mjolnir.

At Comic Con this year I snagged some great knock off lego minifigures of Green Arrow, Rogue, Spidergwen and Psylocke.

I also snagged the Pop vinyl of Rush because I love Megaman stuff and have nothing of Rush. He is cutre (even though like the Mashables I don't really care much for Pop Vinyls this one is cool.) It is also frustrating how many booths are nothing but Pop vinyls they are taking over everything.

Then I found ag reat booth that was seling these cool new Loyal Subject mini MOTU figures.  This Trap Jaw and Beast man set looks great, can't wait to get it open and see what the quality is like.

Then My holy grail from this con is this MOTU filmation version of Trap Jaw. Breanne tried to order it on Mattycollector when it came out but their website had problems and she didn't get it so when I found this one for less than what they are going for on ebay I was stoked.  Love, love love these MOTU figures!

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