Friday, August 12, 2016


My toy collecting habits have become quite diverse over the years while more focused thus creating an amalgamation of toys that I collect.  I collect specific things, things I like, and things that are new and cool.  Yet I limit what I buy to things that I believe I won't want to get rid of in the future.  Here you have Disney store exclusive Rey and BB-8 figures.  They are similar to the black series in size and articulation but they are made mostly out of metal so they have some serious weight to them.  This figure was a purchase to replace the fact that I want the 3 3/4 figure of Rey with a lightsaber but the chances of me finding her at the store at this point are slim so I picked up this great figure.

This was a clearance buy.  I really like the look of these Lego character figures so when I found this Poe at 50% off I had to snag it!  Now I need a clearance general Grievous!

I am not, in general, a fan of the Po Vinyl figures but when it comes to Mega and Protoman I had to snag them! I  love the look of Protoman but not really the face of Megaman.  These are still great little figures.

I still love building toys and I love Gundam so when I find one that I like the look of I snag it.  This is from Build Gundam so they are all custom fighters. This one is Exia and will not be the last Gundam I buy!

I like the show Gotham but didn't get any of the minimates because the box sets were like 23$ so when this one showed up on clearance on amazon for 11 I grabbed it!  You have Oswald Cobblepot, ALfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne, and Selina Kyle with her little Kitty that Melody didn't want to give back to me, she loved playing with it!

Lastly we have the newest wave of TRU minimates. This is a Deadpool themes wave so I was very excited!  You have Hulkpool (irradiated by the Red Hulk) First Appearance DP, FA Wolverine, Deadpool Now, and Spiderman dressed up like Cable.  One thing is for sure I cannot get enough minimates!

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