Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Last minimates of the year!

Well I got my last bunch of minimates in the mail, so I am all done with new minimates till 2010. First off we have two Action Figure Express exclusive sets. Here we have the X-men from their very first appearance in comics. You have Marvel Girl, Cyclops, Iceman, and Beast.
Next we have those same characters but in their guise as members of X-Factor, so you have Jean Grey, Iceman, Cyclops, and Beast.
Then I got my TRU exclusive set today based on the classic comic Secret Wars. You ahve Symbiote Bond Spidey, The Beyonder, Dr Doom, and Photon. There will be more characters to flesh out this group in upcoming waves of TRU minimates but for now the year of minimates has come to an end!

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Superiorraw said...

Very Nice set of minimates, I do like that Dr.Doom and 1st appearance X-Men figures. Awesome!