Thursday, August 6, 2009

The best trade ever!

So after listing on my minimates forum some of the cool stuff I got at SDCC that I was willing to trade I got a message from a forum member named buttheadsmate and he offered me the one thing that was left on my most wanted list. . . but we will get to that in a minute. He also offered me the Rocky sets I wanted in exchange for some of the stuff I had and he felt my first offer was too generous and I still feel like his counteroffer was too much but I was selfish and took him up on it. I sent him A ghostbusters blank, the amazon ghostbusters game ghosts, Unification Spock, and General John Conner and I got this Rocky 1 set with Workout Rocky, Boxing Gear Rocky, Mickey, and Adrian (along with the most important slab of meat).
I also got this 2 pack of Rocky and Adrian that I decided to just keep in its package. This set is unique in that it contains a pair of ice skates!

The most wanted item was to get a Tactical Batman minimate as he was the last on my list of HUGE wants. The deal was oh so much sweeter because although I just wanted the minimate he traded me as well the whole Batcopter C3 set that it comes with so you can see the set in the back (I haven't put it together yet and might post pictures when I do)

But here he is, Tactical Batman with a whole bunch of kickin gear to take down any badguy. I thought this minimate looked cool from pictures but I never realized how awesome he was until now and to finally have him is so great because now I can concentrate on upcoming minimates instead of trying to complete my list of wanted past minimates! Thanks BHM!!!!!!!!!

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