Saturday, August 1, 2009

Firepower of this Magnitude!

So last year Lego did a Fan's choice poll for people to vote on which set they would like to see made in the SW line. I voted and the set I voted for was the winner and was just released this last week as a TRU exclusive and so here we ahve Home One the Mon Calamari Star Cruiser!
You have the best new Lego figure ever in Admiral Ackbar in his swivel around command chair on the command deck looking down on. . . .

The Death Star II briefing. Here we have two new characters in Mon Mothma and General Crix Madine. We also have a new version of Lando. I love the little red DS ball.
The best function of this set is this hangar bay which has an A-wing in it but it has a bar on the bottom that can pull out and twist the A-wing like a launching function! It is the coolest play function on any lego set I have ever owned and makes this set worth every penny. . . . .(well just about anyway).

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