Sunday, August 2, 2009

I, Jedi

Walmart has a new build a droid wave of 2packs that if you buy them all you can get the Dark Trooper Droid which you can see the chest piece contained in this package here. But as is so often the case most of the wave is stuff I don't care about or stuff I already have. This pack was one that I had to have (despite how expensive it was) because it has Corran Horn and his R2 astromech Whistler. Corran is a Rogue Squadron pilot as well as a Jedi and is one of my favorite characters in the SW universe. Not to mention his children with Mirax have been a big part of the new Fate of the Jedi series. One of the other packs has the droid I5YQ which is a great character from several books but he comes with a Darth Maul that I don't want so I don't want to pay soooo much for just one figure so this will be the only pack I buy (unless of course these packs go on some crazy clearance).
I also picked up this Klatooinian Jedi Tarados Gon who fought at the battle of Geonosis because as you may have forgotten I have a shelf of jedi and other characters with lightsabers so this guy had to be added to that collection.

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