Monday, August 31, 2009

Cylon invasion!

It is surprising but TRU got all of my BSG wave 2 sets to me in one piece. There are five sets in this wave and they came in four sepearte packages because apparently is run by a bunch of retards! This wave finishes off giving us all the rest of the human model cylons with a few others to round it off. Here we have our first versions of Tory and Anders and as you can see Anders has his tattoo on his arm so I got an extra set for Breanne to have her Starbuck and Anders together.
Here we have another version of Tyrol and a mortar pack Cylon. This is the mediocre pack of the wave.
Here we have Tigh with his eye patch which is great but the new Caprica versiont hey were going to do of him before would have been cooler but oh well! He comes with captivity Six which is of course a necessity for almost every wave of BSG so far!
Then we have Athena with a great looking new hair piece (especially compared to her first version) and she comes with a Cylon Centurion.
Then we have the fifth of the final five in Ellen and she comes with Simon thus giving us at least one minimate of all 12 human model Cylons. Now there will be some miniflyers coming out next month and then I think BSG minimates will be done which is sad since there are still some characters I want but hey I thought they were done before and here they are so here's hoping!

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