Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The best minimates of them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It has been a long time coming but I finally have wave 27 and 28 of my Marvel Minimates and I am starting with wave 28 here because it has given me the first versions of two of my favorite comic book characters of all time as well as my favorite female comic book character! Here we have a Wolverine (nothing new there although this version looks great) and we have DEADPOOL!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally the Merc with a Mouth in MM form loaded with 4 guns two katanas and a sai as well as two version of his mask (displayed here with my favorite version). I love this minimate so much I can't even describe it!
Next we have the best two pack ever! We have Gambit who is my favorite X-man and Psylocke who is my favorite X-woman and favorite female comic charater of all time. Both of these look amazing and come with AWESOME accessories. Getting Gambit and Deadpool in one wave made this wave more than worth the wait but man am I glad they are here and in my posession!
This wave's other set included this here Sabertooth and a Skrull. This Skrull has had his head transplanted with one of the extra heads from my Secret Invasion set so that he will be different from the other Skrull that came with the variant.

So here is the variant of the wave which is first appearance Sabretooth from Iron Fist #41 or something like that with a Skrull as well.
Now we can get to wave 27 which to me has some good figures but is really half and half meaning half awesome and half just ok. Here we have Ultimate Thor and Ultimate Nick Fury (as you can tell this is the version of NF that the new Marvel movies are basing the character on)
Here we have the variant of the wave which is World War 2 Captain America and a SHIELD soldier.
Here we have Ultimate Captain America which I think is one of the best Caps they have done yet and another SHIELD soldier which I actually have switched the head out on as well to make him look different (but I did that after taking this picture).
Last but not least we have Ultimate Hulk (blah) and Ultimate Iron Man (Sweeteroni!) They are going to release this guy in an upcoming TRU wave as well so I will have to snag another IM to display him without his armor on like I have with all my other IMs. Man what a high it was to open up these minimates, especially wave 28. The next waves have some great characters in them too so its not like I don't have anything to look forward to but as for my must have list it is now complete!

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