Thursday, September 3, 2009

Slimer, Zombie, Ghost, Terror Dog, and. . . . . . Marshmallow Man?

Happy day as people on my MM forum have been reporting seeing the GB TRU wave 2 minimates at stores across the country I had to make srue I was at my TRU first thing this morning (as Thursdays is when they put out new product) and voila here they were! We have here a Zombie Taxi Driver and Winston Zeddmore.
Next we have Ray Stantz with the first ghost trap and his cool goggles and he came with the Happy Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.
Next we have Louis Tully in a GB uniform and a bright green version of Slimer.
Next we have Lab Coat Egon (I love the reuse of Baltar's blood vials) and a Jogger Ghost.
Last but not least is this here Energize Terror Dog who came with a Peter Venkman who was a duplicate so Xander was quite happy to take that off my hands today! This week has been a great minimate week so now it is time to enter drought time until October when there are more slated for release!

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