Thursday, September 17, 2009

Well here is proof that the new subscription program works. The first firgure in the subscription is Webstor evil master of escape his bio says, "One of the last remaining members of an ancient Eternian race of spider warriors called the Arachna, Webstor was awoken from hibernation beneath Snake Mountain and occasionally allies himself with Skeletor. In ancient times, the Arachna were an advanced, dominant race until driven underground by the Snake Men. Araneus retains much of the knowledge of his people and while seemingly savage, is an expert mathematician and strategist as well as an accomplished escape artist. He often arms himself with a grappling hook, fast pack and uses his climbing power to escape capture!" Once again I have to say how incredible all of these MOTU classic figures look and my only complaint about this one is that they didn't package him with his armor on.
I went to TRU this morning because people on my forum have been reporting finding the new wave of X-men Origins Wolverine minimates and Thursday is new product day at my TRU so I went and voila here we have the four new minimates. We have Battle Damaged Wolverine and the movie version of Gambit who was cool in the movie other than he really didn't talk with the accent appropraite to that character. But in any case the minimate of him here looks great, I love his coat.
Then we have final battle Deadpool in all his creepiness and WW2 Wolverine. I was dissappointed when they first showed the movie minimates that there was no Deadpool (this version) and no Gambit so I am extremely happy that they did them now and it worked well in conjunction with the release of the DVD which Xander and I watched yesterday and he really liked it, although he thought Deadpool's eyes were creepy!

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