Thursday, October 8, 2009

Secret Pilot Factor. . . .

So I picked these first two things up about a week ago and am just now getting around to posting about them. First here we have the Rebel Pilot Legacy box set series III (and yes I have series I and II). This set includes Red Squadron pilot John Branon, Rogue Squadron pilot Shira Brie (whoe later become Lumiya for all you who read the LOTF series), and the A-wing Pilot Jake Farrell. I had to snag this box set as it falls under the categories of SW stuff that I still collect (namely Rebel Pilots, Characters with Lightsabers, and Expanded Universe).
Here we have the Clone Wars version of Luminara Unduli which I puchased to replace my Ep II version that I didn't really care for and recently sold. This version is much better.
Then today I went to TRU and they had out the new TRU wave of minimates (woot woot) and so I picked up the two TRU Exclusive sets. Here we have Molecule Man and Spiderwoman from the Secret Wars comic series and they are to go along with the Secret Wars box set that is coming out at TRU in the next few weeks!
Then we have X-Factor Angel and Warpath which are to go along with the AFX X-Factor 4 pack that will be coming out sometime in the next 6 months or so I would imagine.

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Hey Wats up Just checked your collection and iam amaze how your Action figure collection improved. I just wanna say go ahead and check mine 's too. its