Monday, October 26, 2009

Warrior Goddess

Well this is a great day to finally get Teela after the craziness of and shipping these subscriptions. She comes with an alternate head with her snake headress and the snake staff and Zo-ar too. The package says, " The adoptive daughter of Duncan, the current Man-At-Arms, Teela grew up in the palace of King Randor. Trained from an early age in the ways of battle, at 18 she became a Captain of the Guard, leading Randor's troops and acting as a defacto member of the Masters of the Universe. She has yet to become aware of her true heritage as the magically cloned daugher of, and heir to, the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull. She carries the Staff of Ka which was once used by the Snake Men in their epic battles against the Horde and king Grayskull during the Great Wars. Teela uses her magical staff to track her foes' every move!"
This here is one of the very first minimates ever made in AA's Rock series we have here Ozzy Osbourne. I wouldn't normally care about getting this but I traded with someone on my forum for something he wanted so I figured I might as well get a minimate that I don't have. He looks crazy eh!

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