Tuesday, September 15, 2009

700 is gold!

So back when BSG minimates were first announced they showed pictures of miniflyers to go with them and after 3-4 years now we are finally getting them with these first two being TRU exclusives. Here we have a Mark VII Viper (I wish it was the old version rather than the new version but oh well) and it comes with our first Lt. Brendan Costanza AKA Hot Dog AKA Bodie James Olmos (the real life son of Edward James Olmos AKA Admiral Adama) AKA the real father of Nickie Tyrol. It is very cool to get this character with such a cool little toy.
But here we have minimates #700 which is a gold Cylon Commander with his Raider. I opened him up as # 700 since gold is significant. . . . yeah I know I am wierd but these toys are anything but they are frakin awesome!

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