Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wolverine gonna be an awesome movie, already great toys!

So my good friend Billy got a hookup at TRU the other day and snagged me these freshly released X-Men Origins Wolverine toys. These are the comic versions of the characters that will be in the movie and this figure here is Deadpool (which is the same 3 3/4 size of the IMs I just got a few posts ago) and this is one the best action figures ever I love it.
Then you got a Gambit figure which of couse I love because I love Gambit but they have yet to make a Gambit that can really hold onto his playing cards. I can't wait for the upcoming minimate of Gambit that will become (along with the Deadpool minimate) my favorite little toys of all time.
Then I traded with a member on my minimate forum for this Evil Ryu minimate which now makes it so I have ALL of the Street Fighter minimates and shrinks my most wanted list down to 4 other minimates so hopefully those others will trickle in here soon.

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