Sunday, March 8, 2009

New Minis and Mugg

So I get home from work last night and Breanne pulls out these little Star Wars Mini lego sets saying that she got them for Xander for Easter and I immediately questioned why she would not have got some for me, and my wife being the amazing and loving woman that she is then pulls out two more of the same sets from the bag that she got for me! So here we have the mini V-19 Torrent from the Clone Wars.
Here it is again in comparison with my hand and its big brother set in the background.
This was the other set (I couldn't get the picture to load the correct direction) this is General Grievous Starfighter which I don't have the big brother of.
Then here is the GG Mighty Mugg from wave 2 that I couldn't find in the store after I decided that I wanted it until now TRU got a shipment of some old ones in so I snagged him up.
Unfortunately he is a little too big to fit into his ship!

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