Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The best Transformer of them all, and great Walmart exclusives.

I was so excited today to finally pick up this Soundwave Mighty Mugg. Soundwave is by far my favorite transformer and I am so happy that they decided to put him in the first wave of TF Mighty Muggs, he is now my favorite Mighty Mugg of them all!
Then after only finding out about these sets a few days ago I found these Walmart Exclusive comic 2 packs. Here we have Ibitsam and Nrin Vakil who are both pilots from the Rogue Squadron comic series.
Here we have Janek Sunber and an Amanin alien from the Empire comic series and. . . . .
here we have a brave 3 pack of ewoks (who have great articulation on them) we have Keoulkeetch, Kettch and Nachook. You can even put the stormtrooper helmet on one of them! These are 3 of the best expanded universe packs yet. My favorite is the Rogue Squadron pack. I have yet to find a couple of these packs that I have known about for months so hopefully they show up sometime soon.

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