Friday, July 16, 2010


So this summer's new wave of SW lego shops have hit and although there are a bunch of really cool ones, this is the one that I just had to have. This is the Hoth Wampa cave set. As you can see there is a Wampa (a first) and his cave where you can hang Luke upside down, a skeleton and a rip cage of some past animal meal. You also get a Snowspeeder wtih Zev Senesca.
That snowspeeder is the fourth version so far so here is a picture of all four versions of the lego snowspeeder thus far.
Yesterday was also MOTU day and Count Marzo showed up in the mail. Very cool looking, read on for his full bio. I am excited as next week is SDCC and they will be announcing a whole bunch of upcoming figures for this line!

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