Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Something Strange

So the very very cool fourth wave of TRU Ghostbusters minimates has arrived. (These are even cooler to me as I have just watched the movies with my son and he loved them). First we have a rehash of Slimer and Venkman.
Next we have a Slime Blower Ray and the theater ghost which I would venture to guess used the most unique pieces of any minimate to date!
Then here we have the Subway Ghost and the Mayor.
And last we have Janosz and the Statue of Liberty which is now one of my all time favorites. If you take off the robe there is a tampo on the front of the minimate of the four GBs riding inside with pink goo oozing down. Very cool. Even when you think that is all there is for GB minimates there are atleast two more box sets still to come!

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