Thursday, July 1, 2010

Iron Man Galore!

It was a good week for Iron Man minimates and minimates in general. First off we have here the TRU exclusives that go along with the IM wave. Here we have the very very very cool looking Hulkbuster Iron Man along with a Gamma Hulk to fight with.
Then we have Betsy Braddock (who later becomes Psylocke) and Lockjaw (a character I am not really familiar with) which is cool to get the first Marvel dog type minimate (we already have a BSG one and a GB one).
Then we have a new version of Silver Centurion Iron Man along with long anticipated Crimson Dynamo!
Then we have Neo-Classic Iron Man and Stilt Man the tallest of all minimates! (I also bought an extra one of this pack at TRU so I added and extra set of legs to my Stilt Man so he is extra extra tall!)
Then we have the Variant for wave 36 which is the classic Mandarin and you also have modern Manderin and the army builder for this wave is Hydras Dreadnoughts! I love IM minimates and am glad there are still a couple more coming from the TRU IM 2 collection so stay tuned!

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