Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lessen the sting

So this is a very depressing weekend because I am at home and not at SDCC. It is tru that there is lots of new toy news and we get to see the things that will be hotly anticipated until their release but its just not the same looking on the computer instead of being there. But to help ease the pain TRU got in the second wave of IM2 exclusive minimates and here we have the non-battle damaged Mark VI and a Ground Assault Drone.
And here we have Lt Col James Rhodes and an Air Assault Drone. Although the drones are should have been variations they look identical to me so really there are only two new minimates here which puts my total up to 855 but never fear there are at least 16 more coming to me in the next few weeks so stay tuned! On and by the way if you haven't watched the newest trailer for Tron Legacy please click here and check it out because it will BLOW YOUR MIND! I cannot wait for this movie and you should feel the same way!

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