Thursday, January 14, 2010


So TRU released a best of Ghostbusters minimates wave with two packs from wave 1 and two packs from wave 2. These are packs that have already been done but there are two variations that popped up so I had to snag them. First you have clear slimer and this one has a full tummy, you can see the food in his stomach as opposed to the first one you couldn't.
Then here we have Louis Tully who in the first release had a name tag that said Tully on it. However in the movie he wears one of Egon's outfits so this correction has Louis with a Spengler name tag as it is supposed to be. Also his shoulder straps and green and the first release they were gray. So being the completist I am I had to pick these up. They also announced a full and completely new wave three for TRU coming soon with a bunch of new ghosts and ghostbusters so I am most excited for that wave.
Then here we have the third variation for this post and the one zillionth variation of Soundwave that I own. This is Electrostatic Soundwave with Buzzsaw as a keytar. I love Sounwave too much to pass this up, although it did take me a while to convince myself to buy it I just knew in the end I had to have him. (Despite his vehicle form being a super ugly boxy car). I haven't posted a lot lately but I have a bunch of minimates in the mail on their way to me so wahoo!

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