Saturday, February 6, 2010

Its a Masterpiece!

So the Japanes versions of Masterpiece Transformers usually go for a minimum of 100$ which is why I always end up getting the American Walmart exclusive version because it is cheaper. Well They released Skywarp (one of my favorite Seekers) but I couldn't bring myself to spend 60$ dollars for it which is Walmarts much better price. Well as incredible as these things are, they just don't sell that well so they just went on clearance for 30$ and that put it in the range where I had to snag one. So here you have MP Skywarp next to the commerative edition of the vintage Skywarp.
Here is Skywarp in robot mode.

Here are the two Skywarps in robot mode. Look how simply amazing the MP version is next to the largely unposeable and boring vintage version.

Here is MP Skywarp next to my Walmart version of MP Starscream (The picture wouldn't turn the correct way so sorry).
Here is Skywarp and Starscream in Robot mode.
Then here we have the two Seekers along with my MP (Walmart version again) of Optimus Prime and then my Alternator (which are just about as cool as MP versions) of Grimlock. These are the best of pretty much all Transformers in all of always. Anyway, yesterday was my birthday and I got something I need to post here and I am sure there will be more in the upcoming weeks.

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