Monday, February 4, 2013


So I haven't bought many SW figures lately and that is because Hasbro hasn't released many good figures lately (not that they don't have a lot of options for great figures to do) and also none of the stores around here restock their figures very often.  So I was really excited to find this EU Nom Anor figure at TRU a few weeks ago. He is a central character in the NJO series and I love getting figures based on characters from the books I read!

This is from the Marvel Best of Wave 2.  I only chose to get this one 2 pack because it has an updated Bruce Banner and an updated Loki that I like better than the ones I already had. (I love Loki's helmet)
Wave 48 of Marvel came in the mail today (great bday present since my bday is tomorrow).  Here you have first time in minimate form Puppet Master and then a great update of Mr Fantastic called Stretch Punch!

Next we have Human Torch and first time minimate Blastaar.  This Torch looks amazing but I am excited for the corresponding TRU wave because you can make that Torch into Johnny Storm!

Then you have the variant Alicia Masters with her sculpt of the Thing, then the army builder Moloid and a great new Invisible Woman with a cool shield accessory.

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