Monday, March 4, 2013

Post Birthday Toy Craze

So my wife got me these two MOTUC figures for my collection which meant she had to get online right when the sale started since I dont' have a subscription anymore.  My wife is the best!  This is a figure that has been on my most wanted MOTU list since this line started and now here he is and he is an oversized figure too which is perfect since he should be bigger than the other characters. This is Ram Man and you can read his bio below.

Here we have another classic figure here, Jitsu. I didn't have this one as a kid but I have the 200x Staction figure which I love so I had to make sure this guy was in my collection.  If you pose him just right though it looks like he is saying heil Hitler so that is a bummer! Read the bio below.


Here is the TRU exclusive set of Morgan with Michonne's zombie pet, I got this in Boise this weekend because my TRU didn't have any of this wave left when I got to them.  There is a set with Lori and the other pet that I still need but I am glad I found this one.

Here we have the TRU exclusive Battle Beast set of Antalor and Nychrix.  I am likeing the animal ones of these but not the insect onces so I haven't picked any of those up yet but this set is cool looking.  Still wish they had the original rub symbols though!
TRU Marvel wave 15 arrived and it had some great stuff.  Here we have a thing that you take off the rock and you have the first Ben Grimm figure!  Then you have Herald Silver Surfer with some cool accessories. 

Then you have Nova Flame Human Torch which isn't my favorite but I love his flame 4 that he comes with.  Then you have the new Annihlus who looks great.

Next is two more Heralds of Galactus Firelord and Airwalker.  These were a bit harder to find and I had to pick them up in Boise as well.

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