Monday, July 29, 2013

Deadpools Assemble!

SDCC package came today (more to come later)  and this is one of the best sets they have ever put out and had more accessories than anything ever before!  This is the Deadpools Assemble set which has Deadpool as other Marvel characters and came with pieces to make an extra one.

Here you have Thor-pool, and Phonics Killer Iron Deadopol and then the extra one which I actual had to cannibalize another minimate to have a complete extra one but it is Deadpool so it is worth it!

Then you also have Captain Ameripool and Cable-Pool.  Such a great set.  Of course I would love more characters that haven't been made but more Deadpool stuff is always cool with me!

Then the other SDCC set was a great new Thundercats set with Jaga, Lion-O, Grune the warrior, and Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living.  That Mumm-Ra is incredible!  There is another set announced for Thundercats and I really hope they continue because I am loving this line!

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