Saturday, February 21, 2015

Extended Birthday!

Well toys for this post started before my birthday and continued up through 2 weeks after but that's the way it is with me!  Here you have the blue light cycle and Sark from the Tron Kubrick set D.  I have set A and want all the others but they are too expensive so when I found this loose I had to snag it.

Here we have some of this year's new DC lego sets. This is the Green Lantern set with GL with the Lantern in a cage, Sinestro and Space Batman but the reason I got the set was for what's below.

I love this cool little GL jet!

Here we have the F91 MS in Pocket.  I got this same one when I was a kid and so I have been waiting for a good deal on Ebay and found one so I snagged it!

Here we have the 35th Anniversary of Alien miniamte set, finally got a Ripley.  I love the Kane with the chestburster and the Alien in this set is way better than the others I got with the Aliens set.  There is even a Jonesy cat!

Then I snagged the Marvel Zombies villains boxset #2 with Sabretooth, Dr Doom, Kingpin and Morbius.  I love the combination of Marvel and zombies!

At the Salt Lake City Fan X (our comic-con) I snagged these two Battle Beasts that I had when I was a kid for a great deal! (Rowdy Rooster and Slowpoke Sloth)

 I also snagged some vintage Joes at Fan X. I got Snow Serpent, Hiss driver and  Water Mocassin.

Then here is the only toy I got on my actual birthday.  This is the SW black series 6 inch Scout Trooper and Speeder bike.  This series of toys is amazing and if I was rich I would buy them all but they are expensive enough that I only occasionally get one but I had to get this one eventually because it is amazing.

TRU Marvel minimates wave 19 showed up this wave and it didn't disappoint, there is anti-sinister six Spiderman, Space Iron Man, Ronan, Classic Sentinel and Payback Wolverine.  Of course my favorite is the IM.

Toy Fair happened this last week and they announced a bunch more MOTU figures that I want but this is the last year of that line!  Here is the most recent addition to my collection.  This is Ninja Warrior more commonly known as Ninjor.  A classic toy that I recall playing with so I had to pick this one up. Bio Below.

I love Hulkbuster Iron Man so when I saw this playskool Stark armor I had to snag it!  Melody loves playing with it, it looks awesome so great addition!  This is quite the varied post!  Just an example of how varying my collection is!

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