Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Mini Masters

So Mattel made these Mini Masters of the Universe figures that each came with a piece of Castle Grayskull.  For their size though they were too expensive until they went on clearance last week for 50% off!!!!! So I bought them all and adore them. I love little stylized figures like this and these ones look amazing.  Here you have Faker and Man-At-Arms

Here is King He-man and Clawful

Here is He-Man and Mer-Man  I love this Mer-Man his face and look are simply great!

Next is Stratos and Scare Glow

Then Skeletor and Moss Man.  Skeletor and Mer-man are my favorites of them all. I love the little Havoc Staff and his face too.

Lastly you have Beast Man and Zodak.  I wish they would make more but then again unless they go on clearance I wouldn't buy them.  This price was good enough but even if I love how something looks doesn't mean I will fork out for it!

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