Monday, June 6, 2016

Turtle power

So we went to St. George over Memorial Day weekend and I found this Gotham minimates 2 pack at Barnes and Noble.  Detective Gordon and Bruce Wayne. I like the show but haven't bought any of the 4 packs because I don't want to pay shipping, so when I found this at regular price at the store no shipping I snagged it up.

I went to a Walmart down there and found this classics 6 inch Donatello based on the movie character.  I love the extra replaceable heads and was excited to snag this figure with the new movie coming up (which I saw last Friday night, it was ok but not as good as I hoped, I liked the first one better)

I also snagged this bear model that is from Gundam because I thought the girls would think it was cool.  I got this at the Barnes and Noble also.

Today at Walmart here at home I found wave two of the Megabloks Turtles so even though I don't like blind bags I found the Slash, the cool cowled Leo and the mutagen version of Donatello (I of course had to get the Donatello figure)  I don't necessarily care about Megbloks but these little minifigures are cool, I hope they expand the line to cover other properties.

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