Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My toy collection is evolving!

I love that Hasbro is venturing into the expanded universe for new figures (although I wish they would do more older ones than just the new stuff that is coming out). Here we have another Evolutions set based on the upcoming book and game Star Wars Evolutions. This is the evolution of Darth Vaders Secret Apprentice (who we do not have a name for yet). There is him in his Jedi robes, then as the secret apprentice and finally as a Sith lord. I like that these figures are more poseable yet they seem a little too flimsy when compared to older SW figs.
Finally I got the new GI Joe 25th anniversary figures I was looking for and this wave had particular significance to me as here we have Rock n' Roll a figure that got passed down to me as a kid and was the one I always had driving the jeep toy we had.
Then we have a kick but Cobra Commander with battle armor which is a figure that I alwasy remember playing with at my friend Jared's house.
Then my favorite of this wave and also of particular personal significance because it was one of Morri's favs but mine as well we have Lt Torpedo or better known as SEAL (sea air and land) I am glad this series is going to continue because there are still lots more figures I want to see made!

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