Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kre what? Kre-O! Claw what? Clawful!

Normally I take pics of my new MOTUC figures in package and then open them up but I forgot this time as I was super excited to open up Clawful here. (I am having withdrawls because all my toys are packed away in preparation for moving). Once again another winner! Next month will be great and SDCC promises a great figure too. Read the bio for Clawful below.

So Hasbro has made these new construction legoesque sets called Kre-O They come with building blocks to build a character in robot mode or in vehicle mode. But the best part is that they come with lego like minifigures (but with more articulation) of G1 Transformer characters. This here is Thundercracker and. . . . . .

The reason I bothered buying the sets at all SOUNDWAVE. He looks awesome! I love it. So I bought the set with Sentinel Prime and took what I wanted and ebayed the rest. Wahoo!

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