Friday, September 14, 2012

Optic Blasts and jet packs!

They are now making individul blind bagged Kre-o Transformer guys so I grabbed bags and felt until I found this Sunstorm!  I really hope they make a Blaster to go along with my Soundwave and then the rest of the seekers too!

Got a minimate package in the mail and this one is actually a SDCC exclusive that I ordered with other stuff so I had to wait for the other stuff to be released before this got shipped to me.  This is from the Avengers Vs. X-men series. You have Hope Summers who has a very cool new jet pack accessory, then a new Cyclops with an optic blast accessory finally (although I put it on my astonighing X-men Cyclops cause I am not keeping this version)  Then you have the best version of Emma Frost yet, and then Colossus in his Juggernaut outfit!  A very cool set.

Then you have two sets from the Fear Itself series. This is the Mighty set which includes a comic version of Odin (finally!), Hawkeye, Spiderman, and Iron Man. Odin let IM use the forge in Asgard to make weapons from Asgardian stuff so that they would have better stuff to fight the bad guys from the other box set. 

Here you have Cul the Serpent, who is Odin's brother who is released by Sin (the daughter of Red Skull also known as Skadi) then you have Grey Gargoyle and Thing as Angrir.  They all get Thor like hammers to terrorize with hence IM needed upgrades to fight them.  This is a cool set but I am not going to keep the Thing/Angrir.  I add the ones I am not keeping to a pile and when it is big enough I sell it as a lot and it helps me fund future purchases!

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