Saturday, September 22, 2012

Your skull is showing.

So went to TRU because I had a toy dream last night and when that happens I usually find something I want or something awesome. Well here was the something awesome!  So I found the first figures on the new card back and lucily they had one left of this great ROTJ Vader with the Emperor's force lightning around him and his helmet is somewhat transluscent so you can see his skull! so fracking awesome!  His hand is also removeable since ya know it gets hacked by Luke.

 I also found something that I wanted.  So one of the first series of minimates I collected was the Street Fighter Darkstalkers and they had a second wave announced that was never produced so when they announced the Street Fighter Vs. Tekken wave I was super pumped.  Of course I don't care for the Tekken guys that came with these two but I am so excited to have Guile and Zangief now to flesh out my SF collection as SSF 2 was one of my favorite games to play on the SNES.  Specialty shops wave 1 comes out soon so there will be more characters to add to the collection!

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