Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thank you Shopko

Normally I am not a Shopko shopper because frankly they don't have a good selection of toys and their prices suck, however they saved me from missing out on a lego set that I desperately wanted.  This Jabba's Palace set was one I wanted since I first saw pics of it but then it came out priced at 120 (or 140 at TRU) which is way too much for a set with so few pieces so I bought the Salacious Crumb minifig on ebay and resigned myself to missing out.  But then Shopko's toy ad had the set priced at 90$ and 30$ off a lego set is already a great deal but the ad also had a 10$ off coupon for puchases over 75$ so I got the set for 80$!!!!! This is a great looking set and better yet it is full of great new minifigures! Take a look! (Sorry for the cheesy pic of me but my wife had to have one since technically this is my Christmas present)

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