Thursday, October 10, 2013

Lego store in Utah just in time for my minifigure craziness

Ok just to start off, I saw these and couldn't resist as: first I love Donatello, second these are adorable!  Can't wait for ssn 2 of TMNT to start this weekend.  Love these baby turtles and I dare you not to too!

So I am working on some lego minifigure displays as well as trying to update my Jedi/Sith collection as you can see here.  I purchased this updated landspeeder and sold my old one so that I could get a non yellow face Tatooine Luke and old Obi Wan.  I also got a bunch of other minifigures off of ebay.  I will of course be posting my awesome display when it is complete in the next week or so.

I got Deadpool off ebay because I love Deadpool, then the Wonder Woman, Arctic Batman and Man of Steel Superman were keychains that I bought this afternoon at the new Lego store at a mall up at the Valley Fair Mall.  They will also all be going on my minifigure display.  Fun times!  My sister in law also got me a Donatello keychain at the Lego store at Downtown Disney which is good since the Lego store here only had Raphael!

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