Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Wave 50 and beyond

After way too many delays wave 50 of Marvel minimates came int he mail today (along with wave 51)  This wave was voted on by fans and even though several that I voted for didn't win (mostly Iron Man stuff) this is a great wave.  The army builder is the Nova Corps Centurion (I am only keeping one but show two inthe pic so you can see the alternate head). Then you have Baron Zemo I and II, a long awaited Captain America villain.

Then you have the Danny Ketch Ghost Rider who looks great and then ONSLAUGHT!  Super cool.

Then to round out the wave you have Cyborg Spiderman and Songbird with a really cool base.

Wave 51 included Nick Fury Jr and Mariah Hill. The army builder was a Heavy Shield Agent who is on the jetpack here. I took the extra pieces that you can put on Nick Fury to make Captain Steve Rogers and put those parts ont he other Heavy Shield agent to maximize what I got out of this wave.

Then you have Sam Alexander Nova (which my son was excited about since we just watched Ultimate Spiderman on Netflix) and then Superior Spiderman which is actually Dr Octopus mind inside of Spiderman.

Lastly you have Shann the She-devil from the Savage land and a Savage land Reaper which is just Sauron to me.  Great minimates here with of course more to come by Christmas!

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