Thursday, December 5, 2013

Minifigures ahoy!

So I have been adding to my lego minifigure display and got this Bossk on a keychain for only 3$ wahoo!
Then I had to get this Stass Allie for my Jedi ledo display case.

Go a few TF Kre-o simply because it had been a few weeks since I got anything. So I got Thrust, Huffer and a cool Soundwave with a bunch of interchangeable parts.

Then I got the TRU The Wolverine minimates (I still am waiting for my comic shop wave ones to come) So here you have Ninja Harada, Yukio and then WW2 and Yukon Wolverine.

Last we have a great pack from the TRU wave 17.  You have Pepper Potts as Rescue and the Gremlin as Robot Hulk. Sorry it has been a while and this is brief, but I am still here and still collecting!

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