Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Its not even Christmas yet!

Ok so it isn't even Christmas yet (who knows what will happen tomorrow) but I have increased my minimate collection (I also descreased it recently by adding some to my trade/sell list) Here we have TRU wave Superior Spiderman and a Black Widow to replace my other one (this one looks much better.

Here is a group of mail away minimates for a Marvel animated movie called Iron Man and Hulk Heroes United. The movie sucked but I got a code to mail away for these great Iron Man minimates and this Hulk in Iron Man armor (I am not keeping the Hulk though)

Here we have the rest of The Wolverine movie wave. Viper, Mariko, Shingen Yahida, and Black Hand Ninja.  I really like the Mariko.

Then here are some of the Thor 2 wave (my order came with some wrong stuff so I have to wait to see on some others).  You have Malekith the leader of the Dark Elves and then one of my new all time favorites, Heimdall!!!!!!

Lastly you have the Villains Zombies box set with Galactus, Red Skull, Green Goblin, and Magneto.  I wish they would do more of the Zombies stuff but they say this is going to be the last of them.

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