Thursday, February 6, 2014

33 and still a child.

Well yesterday was my 33rd birthday and I did get some new toys and I realized I haven't postes since Chistmas Eve so just catching up here.  My brother in law Christ got me the Age of Ultron Minimates set for Christmas.  There is a great tronesque Iron Man, a new nick Fury, Ultron and Angela

I picked up a bunch of new lego minifugres to cross off my list, Coleman Trebor, Agen Kolar, Ree-Yees and my new favorite Max Rebo.

I also got Darth Malgus which was the last one to fill up my minifigure display case of Jedi and Sith.

Then on my birthday I picked up some TRU exlclusive minimates because they were on clearance.  I got a Hydra Elite, SHIELD agent Winter Soldier, Ultron Drone, and Age of Ultron Wolverine.  The comic shop wave that corresponds to this comes out next week so I will have some more to post then.  I AM STILL HERE and I am getting the mother off all legos soon so there will be a great post soon for that.

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