Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Biggest and the Best

Here it is, the largest and most expensive toy I have ever owned. Thanks to tax return, and birthday and Christmas money the lego Death Star with over 3,000 pieces is mine!  It took 4 1/2 movies, 3 episodes of Chuck and 3 episodes of House of cards (not all in one sitting) to build it.  It also required some ibuprofen to deal with the pain in my neck and the headache from looking at the MASSIVE instruction book (that actually came spiral bound!)

The other side.

Close ups of indisvidual compartments, the repair bay, the launch bay and the droid bay.

Gun turrets, the Emperor's chamber, and the chasm with a little rope for Luke to swing across on.

The meeting room, the detention level, the trash compactor, and the tractor beam station.

The superlaser and controls and another gun on the bottom. This thing is so flipping huge!  !0 year Pat living inside of me is still reeling from the awesomeness of this set!

Here is my son with the box to show scale on how big just the box was. Inside the box were four smaller boxes!

These Thundercats minimates are from the Thundercats Ho! 5 part TV movie.  You have Pumyra, Lynx-o, Berbil Bert, Ratar-o and Bengali.  Had to finish up the Thundercats line even though I only remember Ratar-o.

Got the rest of wave 54 Marvel minimates with Viper, Falcon (love this one), bad guy Winter Soldier (I also have the Shield agent version) and then Baron Strucker.

 Then one of the best for last!  I found this black series Boba Fett which is 6 inches tall instead of the regular 3 3/4 and I snagged him up quick and so glad that I did because he is by far the best Star War figure I have ever purchased and is one of the best action figures in general I have ever purchased.  Super articulation and incredible detail.  Love it!  Love having some birthday cash to spend on things so that I don't have to pass them up when I find them!

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