Thursday, June 12, 2014

Treasures from a far away land.

So I went on a trip to the midwest and like I do whenever I go into a store with toys I go look at the toys. So in the Walmart in Burlington Iowa, despite not finding what I really wanted (SW black series Darth Plagueis) I did find some Tokyo Mater cars that I didn't have yet (I collect the cars from that specific Cars Toon)  Here you have Patokaa the police car, Kaa Reesu, and Chisaki. I love the style of this one and love the look of these cars.  Great find!

Then walking down the main street in Burlington I found a comic book store and inside the guy that works there had put out this big bag of old GI Joes and as you can see I got all that for 20$ SCORE!

Here they are set up (although SEAL and Snow Job I already had).  There are a bunch here I don't know and don'e care about but at least 1/3 of them are ones that I would have bought on ebay if I was a moneybags.  I especially love Wet Suit, I had him and a submarine that I loved.  I love sweet scores like this especially when they are attached to a good memory, in this case a trip to somewhere I had never been before. 

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