Monday, October 13, 2014

The trickle before the flood

So next year is the last year of MOTU classics and currently what has been announced their are only 2 more that I want.  So this line is winding down for my collecting. Here you have Rio Blast and his bio below.  One of my least favorite characters only because I never had him as a kid but he is still one of the classics so here he is.

Here is the Deadpool Marvel mashups figure. They don't make a lot of Deadpool stuff (although they are making more) so I had to pick this one up, he looks really cool. If I decide to get anything else from this line then they can be taken apart and combined with other characters.

Here is a Donatello that makes sounds. I wanted this mostly because Melody loves it, so fun Donatello to add to my collection and a toy that makes my almost 1 year old giggle.  I have an amazing new Donatello figure for my next post on the way as well as a flood of new minimates on their way so stay tuned for the flood.

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