Monday, November 10, 2014

The deluge!

I have had most of these for about a month but sometimes life gets in the way and I forget to update!  So a bunch of Marvel minimates. First is an exclusive set the Deadly foes of Spider-man from Lukes Toy Store.  I already versions of Carnage, Sandman, Lizard, and Doc Oc but these versions you see here were som uch better than my others that I had to replace them. Also with the extra parts I could take my old Lizard and make a Doc Conners. I especially love that Doc Oc can stand on his arms!

Then we have others from Amazing Spiderman 2 which is Alistair Smythe, Aleksei Systevich, Gwen Stacy and Graduation Peter. I have picked and chosen the few that I want from the alst few waves because they are all movie waves and I haven't wanted every single one.

Then we have the Captain America the Winter Soldier wave which has Brock Rumlow, Stealth Cap, Falcon, Black Widow, Batroc, Winter Soldier, and Agent Sitwell. The stand out in this wave is the Stealth Cap. 

Then I got one of the last three I need from the GOTG wave, here is Nebula. So I am still missing Gamorra and Nova Corps guy. So those should be added sometime soon.

 Then from Days of Future Past the only ones I got were future Prof X and Magneto because this is the first Patrick Stewart Prof X and Ian Mckellan Magneto. The rest of the wave were versions of characters that they have made before. I actually wish they would have made more characters from this movie as there were some great things they could have done (like two versions of sentinels).

 Then I got a loose Walking Dead Governor to add to my other Walking Dead mates.

Then the first Aliens set was a counter display of single characters.  You can see I got a bunch of Aliens and then a few humans.  The front is Burke which is awesome since it is Paul Reiser, then it also came with Spunkmeyer and Weirzbowski. There is an Alien set coming soon and then a full wave of Aliens and they recently announced Predator mates so wahoo!

Here is a closer version of an Alien.

Then more great news for minimates is Ninja Turtles from the new Nickeldeon series.  The first release were single packs at Kmart which I haven't found yet. I got these from a member on my minimate forum for a better deal then buying them new so no complaints from me.  I have Donatello, Leonardo and Raphael but still need Michelangelo and April.

Then I got a footbot, Shredder, and a foot soldier. Only missing  Kraang here.  Loving these minimates.

Then the crown jewel of all of this deluge is the Revoltech Donatello. Super articulated and detailed.  This is one of the best action figures I own. 

To make it even better you have an alternate drooling over April head.  Love it love it love it! Man that was a lot of new stuff, I probably missed some other things I have bought in the last month because I have fallen out of the habit of updating as soon as I buy stuff.  I think I got a few lego minifigures and some other things but these were the biggest parts.

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