Monday, December 22, 2014

Pre Christmas tidbits.

Well only a few days till Christmas and I am sure there will more toys then and in the month that follows as toy stores restock their shelves but in the last month I found a Darth Malgus. No thanks to the TRU employee who had hid it and then got it out when I told him that was what I was looking for!

Down to the last few MOTUC figures that I will pursue here we have Tung Lashor.  Currently only one more on the announcement list and isn't for like 6 months so this collection of mine is almost complete (at least the ones that I want to get) Bio below.

 So I had Cosmos Transformer when I was a kid (I have a vintage one now too) so when I found this Generations version I had to get him (he came with Payload)  I love ones that look like classic toys but are updated.

 Spaceship mode.
Then they have these Mashable transformers (like the Deadpool I got a while ago)  and they finally released a Soundwave so I definitely had to snag it.

 Then I filled in some holes in my minifigure collection using  Here there is an Imperial Navy trooper, Imperial officer, Weequay, Luke, Dak and Kanan Jarrus. 

 This is my current minifigure collection with some up close pictures below.  There are likely some figures on here that I haven't taken individual photos of.  I love these lego minifigure and I know I will be adding more in the next few weeks.

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