Sunday, February 12, 2017

Lotso Legos

With my birthday this month there has been an influx of new toys. I probably didn't even get them all here cause I am a slacker sometimes.  Here we have the Yautja (Predator) Clan leader figure. This is my first full size Predator figure and I had to choose between like 5 different versions and this was by far the coolest.  I love the shoulder tails and well just the whole thing!

Then we have these Mega Man Dorbz figures which are of course adorable!  Rush, Protoman, variant Mega Man and my first figure of Dr. Wily.

Then I found the most amazing new Gundam figure, Nobell.  It is a girl Gundam that looks like Sailor Moon Gundam crossover.  I have looked for new Gundam figures but haven't had any recently that just jumped out as must haves, but this one certainly was!

When I was young I had a Gorilla Alien figure and now Neca has made this version in their new line of figures and so my wife got this for me for my birthday!  Love it.

Have been dying to get this set since I saw it announced. The Phantom ship is really cool but a minifigure of Admiral Thrawn is a dream come true!!!! The blind Kanan and Chopper are great new additions to my minifigure collection. More new SW legos to come soon!

We saw the Lego Batman movie and loved it so much we had to go get some sets right after. Luckily TRU was having a BOGO sale. Here we have the Catwoman heist set with Catwoman, Robin and Batgirl.  Batgirl is amazing because her ponytail on the back is movable for action poses!

Lastly we have the Riddler Racer with Magpie, Kite Man, Calendar Man, the Riddler, and Batman.  I am slightly obsessed with lego minifigures lately and where they come out on a more regular schedule and are easier to find than some minimates they have been rapidly catching up to my minimate obsession (that is not to say that I don't still love and won't continue to collect minimates!)

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