Monday, April 13, 2009

551 and counting. . . . .

So from a reference from my minimate forum I found a great comic book store website where I found a smoking deal on some minimates I didn't have (they had great deals on all their minimates but I only bought the ones I didn't have) they were all 50% off and I also got some comics 50% off and shipping was reasonable and it shipped on Saturday and got here today (Monday) so the shipping was super speedy. Here we have the Season 1 2 pack for 24. This set includes Jack Bauer and Andre Drazen.
Then here we have the Battle Damaged Spirit and the Formal Wear Sand Saref (I haven't seen this movie yet but will be seeing it this week but this set was such a great deal it was not to be passed up). This brings my minimates total to 551 and with a whole slew of new normal releases coming up and a massive amount of SDCC exclusives being announced in the last little bit this really be, as it is being called, the year of the minimate!!!

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