Thursday, April 23, 2009

Exclusive clearance

At Target today I see this SW battle pack set of the Showdown at the Sarlacc with the Pit of Carkoon a Skiff and the figures you see here. Normally this set is 55$ so I would never consider buying it but it so happens that this set was on clearance for 30% off before but still almost 40$ so still a no go, but today it was marked down to 13.74! Well I couldn't pass up a smoking deal like that more than 75% off so I snagged it and came home and opened it up and well it is not even worth what I paid for it. I was severely diappointed and got super glue all over myself trying to improve the Sarlacc. . . anyway the Skiff if cool so that is all I can say about this. I guess I learned my lesson that just because it is a great deal doesn't make it a great buy!
Then on my way into work I went into TRU and voila they had the next wave of exclusive minimates from the Wolverine movie (which we are seeing at midnight in a week!) There are two sets you can only get at TRU here we have Agent Zero and origins Wolverine. The other set I got on last week and it is in the mail.
Then they also have a bunch of the minimates from the actual wave of minimates coming out here soon and I picked up this set of Wolverine and the Blob because when I get the actual wave I will be able to display a Blod (as you see him here) and the nonblob figure (which I will post a pic of when I get the wave) But since I have them now and they are new they bring my total minimate count to 555!

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