Saturday, May 23, 2009

Minimates how I love you, let me count the ways. . . . .

There are few things I like more than getting new minimates in the mail. Waves 25 and 26 of Marvel showed up yesterday in the mail. I only had time to open them up then we went down to our cabin so I am posting these quick today before I have to go to work. This here is Wave 25 Variant Bolt Face Iron Man (he actually has an additional helmet with a nose on it) and the Aim Soldier. I love Iron Man minimates especially since he is my all time favorite super hero!
Then this is the regular Classic Iron Man from the wave along with another Aim solider. Normally I would take the extra guy from the wave and trade him on my forum but where this is a nondescript character like a stormtrooper it doesn't hurt to have two!

Then here we have the Red Hulk (who was created by General Ross and no one knows who he is) and Ska'ar who is the son of Hulk. He has a masive sword and a great sheath on his back to hold it.
Then here we have "Bucky" Barnes Captain America who took over being Cap after Cap got Capped. . . . .(yeah I know dumb joke) and then following the Villains box set not to long ago we have another Red Skull although I like the look of this one better than the other.
Here is wave 26 which is the rest of the Wolverine movie wave which I already got some from TRU (see previous post) So here we have on the left the variant for the wave which is special ops Sabretooth then we have Logan and the just Sabretooth. So these were the three from the wave that I didn't have yet.
Then since I got a duplicate Blob when I got this wave I will display this which is the same figure but without the bob on it so it is just Frederick Dukes. So there we have it. The next group of minimates coming out is supposed to be the T2 stuff so I am antsy to get me some of that!

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