Friday, May 1, 2009

Graduating to awesomeness!

I graduated from college today and what better way to celebrate then to get a package in the mail from BBTS! I got this here Legacy Collection Joker Squad pack which is an Entertainment Earth Exclusive that was unveiled at SDCC last year but just was barely released about a month ago.
The pack includes Lord Maleval (this is from the Legacy comics by the way) who is a Quarren Sith (very cool) then you have sergeant Harkas and Anson Trask.
Next we have the first female stormtrooper figure Jes Gistang and then Hondo Karr and Vax Potorr. I had to get this set for several reasons; first female stormtrooper, second character with a lightsaber, and third it is from the Legacy comics which I collect and think is an incredible series.
Also in my package was a sight for impatient eyes my Heroes and Villains minimates sets. Some of these were released last month at TRU in two packs and I did't want to get them because I knew I would be getting these packs eventually with minimates in them that aren't at TRU but it was difficult to not buy the ones at TRU. Here we have Wolverine, Captain America, Spidey and Hulk.
In the Villains set we have Magneto, Dr Doom, Green Goblin, and the very first Red Skull!!! The villains sets is awesome I love the Doom minimate the best of all of these. There should be a bunch more new minimates in the next couple of week so YIPEE!!!!!

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