Friday, May 15, 2009

The trouble with tribbles

Well a great member, minijeff, on my minimates forum traded me for this very hard to get Trouble with Tribbles Kirk which is one of the original 2" minimates from way back when. So now I have all of the ST 2" minimates so wahoo. Now my most wanted list is down to only two! I also have a bunch of minimates coming from BBTS next week as well as a new MOTUC figure so yeah that will be awesome.
So we got a new car this week, unfortunately not the one pictured here. We got a Dodge Grand Caravan and the dealership also sells Mustangs which Xander and I adore so the sales guy took Xander and I out for a spin in this super charged Shelby! Man it was the best ride in a car I have ever had he got out on a straight away and ZOOM it was like riding Screamin at California Adventures!

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Brandon and Lindsey Pedersen said...

I am truly a mustang girl. I would probably cry if I could buy a 1970's mustang cobra... good taste, my friend... good taste!