Sunday, June 6, 2010

Evil Turtle

So the 25th anniversary collection of TMNT figures had a second wave that was to include Shredder, Casey Jones, FootSoldier, and Slash. I got Donatello from the first wave of course but the second wave never came to stores ot online anywhere that I looked so I gave up trying to find Slash who is the one that I wanted. Yesterday I decided I should go and check Ross for any new deals (see post about the Defense of Cobra Island GI Joe set) and to my amazement not only did I find this here Slash but he was only 5$ instead of 10$! So here he is, happy to be in my collection!

2 comments: said...

I would give my right arm for slash he is the only figure i used to have that i now regret not haveing

BigBadBruno said...

Man, it made it all the way to Ross and the card got (what looks like) NO damage! Great find!